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Hubei characteristic agricultural products

Hubei Shuanggang Agricultural Science and Technology Trade Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise integrating livestock breeding, processing, organic fertilizer production and other recycling economy with a registered capital of RMB60 million and a fixed staff of 348 with all kinds of professional and technical personnel people.

Hubei Shuanggang Agricultural Science and Technology Trade Co., Ltd. has passed HACCP food safety management system certification and ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, is the provincial key enterprises; is the national agricultural products processing industry export demonstration enterprises, the national agricultural standardization demonstration project area; good Hubei Provincial Egg Export Association president unit; the national quality credit enterprise; the national high-tech enterprise; won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province, second prize .

Since the establishment of the company in 2002, after more than 10 years of development, it has taken on the scale and capability of the group company. Under the six accounting units, three aquatic three-dimensional breeding demonstration base, covers an area of more than 2000 acres, breeding duck 180,000, 400,000 laying hens, freshwater fish 12 million. A modern egg processing plant, the processing of the skin salted eggs each 50 million. A fish processing plant, processing fresh water products at room temperature nearly 1,000 tons. A canned food production plant, equipped with 2 modern canning lines, 1 poultry slaughtering line and 1 cold storage facility with a capacity of more than 10 million chickens and ducks. The company perennial exports of eggs to Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and other countries and regions, the export of egg products amounted to more than 20 million US dollars, ranking the forefront of peers in the country. In the northeast, Guangzhou set up sales company and set up in Hong Kong egg marketing and after-sales service center for overseas sales network construction and overseas market development.

Shuanggang egg products, aquatic products processing base, covers an area of 50436 square meters, has built egg processing plants and freshwater fish processing plants. Under the support of the National Food Research Institute, the aquatic products processing factory selects freshwater fish from the national export record base as its raw material and combines the traditional technology with the modern advanced preservation technology to successfully develop the "Xiang Fei" brand fish cake and the fish ball , Fish skin pill, fish flavor and other series of freshwater fish deep-processed foods.

The Company vigorously developed the construction of poultry eco-breeding project and adopted the circular ecological development route of "feed processing" + "fish and chicken farming" and "organic fertilizer production" to build a national demonstration base for large-scale exported egg farming and efficient demonstration of aquatic products and three-dimensional eco-farming base. In the public security county bamboo village Chen Zuo Cun built "double port 400000 hens breeding clean production demonstration project." Base covers an area of 1000 mu, of which 800 acres of fish ponds, construction area of 26,000 square meters, 400,000 breeding hens, with an annual output of 8000 tons of quality eggs, supporting the construction of the egg packaging plant, feed processing plants and organic fertilizer processing plants. According to the requirements of cleaner production and production of pollution-free eggs, a large new chicken coop, a number of egg pits and an epidemic prevention laboratory have been set up, and a full set of 45,000 pieces / hour fully automatic assembly line imported from Korea has been put into operation to achieve "touchless" production in the whole process. In August 2014, the "RFID (Traceable) Traceability Management System for Egg and Skins of Hong Kong and Macao Egg", which was installed under the support of Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Department of Hubei Province, was added with the mark of origin on the product to enhance the anti-counterfeiting ability and brand effect of the product. Egg in the international market with a more competitive. In June 2015, the company introduced an advanced automatic fresh egg production line in South Korea to automatically cleanse, dry, sterilize, sort, spray code, coat and package the eggs in order to prevent the secondary pollution and spread of the eggs and to ensure the market Provide green, pollution-free eggs in line with food safety and hygiene requirements.

Chu agricultural bio-fertilizer plant, the production of microbial organic fertilizer, microbial organic and inorganic fertilizer 100,000 tons, is the State Spark project unit, Hubei Province, a well-known formula fertilizer sentinel production enterprises, Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Soil and Fertilizer Technology Cooperation Unit, Hubei Province Association for product quality group member units, Huazhong Agricultural University teaching practice base. "Chu Nong" brand microbial organic fertilizer, microbial organic and inorganic fertilizer is based on Shuanggang eco-aquaculture park and the region nearly 5000000 hen droppings as the basic raw material, add available nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements, Adopted by the National Science and Technology Progress Award of the composite biological species and advanced production technology refined, with loose soil, anti-premature aging, anti-cropping, resistance to Verticillium wilt and other effects. "Chu Nong" brand series of fertilizers have shown remarkable results by farmer households across the country in the use of grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, tobacco and medicine and fish ponds, and are highly praised by users. Have access to "Hubei famous brand" "Chinese Yangling Twenty-second agricultural Houji Award" "Ministry of Agriculture microbial organic fertilizer promotion of the product" and so on.

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