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Hubei livestock company

Company Overview


Hubei Shuanggang Agricultural Science and Technology Trade Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1, Youjiang Road, Tawau Dyke, Gong'an County, Hubei Province


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Business philosophy

People-oriented, quality first, customer first, forge ahead in unity


Spring broadcast autumn harvest, heavenly reward. Over the past decade or so double-Hong Kong companies fear and flourish. The company has been rated as

National Foreign Investment "Double Excellence Enterprise"

Agricultural industrialization of the provincial key leading enterprises;

National agricultural products processing industry export demonstration enterprises;

National agricultural standardization demonstration project area;

China's top 50 egg processing enterprises;

Access to HACCP international food safety system certification;

Hubei poultry industry excellent unit;

Innovative enterprise construction pilot units;

And access to good agricultural practices GAP certification;

Quality and integrity of enterprises;

National high-tech enterprises.

Li De-Sheng, chairman of Honor:

Hubei Province Eleventh National People's Congress;

Hubei three rural ten outstanding entrepreneurs;

Jingzhou third party representative;

Jingzhou City, the third CPPCC members;

Public Security County seventh, the eighth CPPCC Standing Committee;

Hubei Egg Export Enterprises Association;

Asia Egg Association Vice Chairman;


Product honor:

"Chu Chu" "Chu Nong" won the Hubei Province famous trademark certificate

"Hong Kong and Chu" brand loose duck eggs, red heart duck egg, fresh egg won the green certificate

"Xiang Fei" brand fish meat cake won the China Food Expo, the National Green Food Fair gold medal;

"Xiang Fei" brand fish cake won the "Top Ten Jingzhou brand";

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