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Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing Co., Ltd. Shuanggang Ecological Aquaculture Park is located in Chenzhaocun, Huazhitai, Gong'an County, Hubei Province. The company started construction in May 2008 in accordance with the requirements of the standardized scale laying farms. In September 2008, Rearing the first batch of laying hens, the existing fixed staff of 348 people, all types of professional and technical personnel 88 people, including 35 senior titles. 200,000 breeding hens, with an annual output of 4,000 tons of high quality eggs, the production of fresh eggs have passed the green food certification.

I. Brief Introduction to the Natural and Social Environment of Chenzuo Village, where the Company's hen farms are located: Chen Zhaocun is located in the east of Gong'an County in Hubei Province and is located at 111.48'-111.251 'east longitude and 29.37'-30.19'N latitude, edge. 207 State Road across the county Jingdong high-speed gold mouth import and export located in the territory, convenient transportation. The project site is located in Hirakawa, Hilly and Lake. It has the title of "Hundred Lakes". The county owns more than 170,000 peasant households. Since the history, raising chickens and raising ducks has been the main content of developing diversified peasant households.

Second, the site selection and layout of the chicken farm: Shuanggang Ecological Aquaculture Park is located at the end of Jiuqu Village, Chenzuo Village, Huacaitai District, Jiazhuyuan Town, Gong'an County. The base is far away from peasant residence and has good water resources, which is good for production and epidemic prevention Control, is the ideal area for the establishment of large-scale aquaculture area. Chicken farms anti-epidemic facilities. The quarantine ditch is dug outside the fence around the base. The second line of defense is the fence built for epidemic prevention. The third line of defense is the isolation of the intensive fish pond once again built around the fence. Incoming personnel must be disinfected by ultraviolet radiation, disinfected by spraying and disinfected through special disinfection channels, and disinfection of disinfecting pool and spray disinfection should be carried out in vehicles entering the vehicle. Chicken farms to reach the separation of stormwater and sewers, net and sewage separate from the chicken manure by stacking fermentation drying process for the production of organic fertilizer for crop cultivation.

Third, the infrastructure construction: supporting the construction of the egg processing plants, feed processing plants and organic fertilizer processing plants. Including brood house 3, each 1050 square meters, a total of 3150 square meters; layer 9 laying hens, each 1438 square meters, a total of 12942 square meters; feed processing workshop 1, 490 square meters; office building 1, 300 Square meter. Chicken farms with fully enclosed mode of modern chicken, mechanized laying hens, chicken coop equipped with curtains, fans, to ensure that homes winter warm and summer cool. House automatic temperature control, free-feeding chicken, automatic water supply, chicken manure removed automatically. Each chick house is equipped with 200,000 kcal of coal heating type warm stove for warm brood. Chicken farm has a 250 kVA transformer, while own a generator to ensure that the power supply, the site has 40 wells, an average of each house 3, drinking water are high-quality groundwater, water Adequate, clean and hygienic, feed processing plants, the required feed are self-processing.

Shuanggang Ecological Aquaculture Park Chen Zhaochun laying hens base to green ecological environment as the goal, the use of factory-wide closed-end management, full electronic monitoring and create a modern ecological management of the precedent. The company adopts a recycling ecological development route of "feed processing" + "fish and chicken farming" + "organic fertilizer production", and endeavors to build a large-scale export egg-breeding base for record keeping and an efficient three-dimensional eco-aquaculture demonstration base for aquatic products. The industrial park has been included in the sixth batch of national agricultural standardization demonstration zones by the State Standardization Management Committee and has been identified as the second batch of national pilot projects on good agricultural practices by the CNCA and the SC. After the project is completed, it will be the largest export record base for livestock and poultry in Hubei Province. At the same time can also arrange more than 100 rural surplus labor force. In particular, organic fertilizer processing plant supporting construction, eco-environmental protection as the core, the level of agricultural production, economic, social and ecological benefits have a great role in promoting and leading role.

Duck farms: Public Security is located in the hinterland of the Jianghan Plain, Tangyan lakes are dotted with crisscross rivers and ditches, is a natural poultry, aquaculture area. We spotted this advantage, respectively, in the North Lake Fisheries and spent Taiwan established a set of duck, pearl, adult fish in one of the three-dimensional breeding base. The implementation of the base of the water duck, aquatic mussels, underwater fish way, while reducing farming costs, improve the ecological environment, improve the comprehensive utilization of water resources, explored a circular economy breeding mode. North Lake Fisheries aquaculture more than 400 acres, breeding aquaculture 36000, all kinds of fishing 4000000, pearl mussel 400000; annual output value 7800000 yuan, is the city, county quadruple comprehensive breeding demonstration base. Flower base aquaculture farms 330 acres of aquaculture, breeding all kinds of fishing 4 million, pearl mussel 130,000, duck 20000, green area of 50 acres, the annual output value of 6 million yuan.

The Company will continue to actively promote a new industrialized operation mode of "company + base + peasant household + standardization" and serve peasants in accordance with the operational strategy of "five reunification and three recycling" so as to participate in the new rural construction and raise the level of agricultural production.

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