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What is ecological farming

Date:2017-11-28 Author: Click:

The so-called ecological farming, refers to the use of ecological principles, to protect the biodiversity and stability of water, rational use of a variety of resources, in order to achieve the best ecological and economic benefits. Ecological farming is a kind of production mode advocated vigorously in rural areas of our country. Its biggest characteristic is that it is artificial that the different kinds of animal groups are connected in series by feed as a link in a limited space, and the purpose is to maximize Use resources to reduce waste and reduce costs.

More pro-people saying is that ecological farming is the use of non-polluting waters such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers and natural food, or the use of ecological techniques and measures to improve the quality of aquaculture water and the environment, according to specific breeding patterns for breeding, breeding, put pollution-free Feed, nor fertilizer, sprinkle medicine, the goal is to produce pollution-free green food and organic food. Ecological livestock products because of their high quality, good taste and much welcomed by consumers, the product is in short supply. Therefore, ecological farming is the current trend of development.

Compared with the intensified and factory farming methods, ecological farming is to allow livestock and poultry to grow naturally in their natural environment according to their own laws of growth and development rather than artificially creating a growth environment and using growth promoters to make them violate Its own rapid growth of the law of growth and development. Such as a small number of rural households do not feed the full price of feed with free-range livestock and poultry, that is, ecological farming.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the livestock and poultry products with poor quality and taste produced by intensified and factory-made breeding have failed to meet the growing consumer demand of consumers. However, in rural areas, a small amount of household Feeding the full price of feed with free-range ecological livestock and poultry because of its low yield, quantity can not meet consumer consumer demand for eco-livestock products, and thus modern ecological farming came into being.

The following livestock company in Hubei from a biological point of view that ecological farming.

Ecological farming means that according to the principle of symbiosis and complementarity among different breeding organisms, by using the natural material circulation system, different organisms are allowed to grow together in the same environment through appropriate technical and management measures in a certain breeding space and area, so as to maintain the ecology Balance and improve farming efficiency of a farming method.

This definition emphasizes that the basis of ecological farming is based on the principle of symbiotic complementarity among different breeding organisms.

The condition is to use the natural material circulation system;

The result is that through the corresponding technical and management measures, different organisms can grow together in a certain breeding space and area, so as to maintain the ecological balance and raise the breeding efficiency.

The key words of "symbiosis complementary principle", "natural material circulation system", "maintaining ecological balance" and other key words clarify several restrictive factors of "ecological farming" and distinguish between "ecological farming" and "artificial breeding" The fundamental difference between.



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