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Hubei double port: continue to extend the industrial chain and increase peasants income

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

(Reporter Li Liangyi) Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing Co., Ltd. is a key provincial-level leading enterprise. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the industrialization of agriculture and taking the mode of operation of "company + base + farmers + standardization" Chain at the same time, also led farmers to increase production and prosperity.

Reporter Peng Huiyun

Here is the Shuanggang bizinda farms, with 400 acres of aquaculture water, breeding all kinds of fishing 4 million, 80000 duck, with an annual output value of 18 million yuan, but also a double port duck aquaculture export record base.

Liang Mingqiang and his brother-in-law Li Qiulin contracted the 400-mu surface water, mainly breeding duck, and signed a supply and marketing contract with Shuanggang Company.

Shuanggang spent Taiwan-based technology leader Liang Mingqiang farm

All of our duck eggs were sold to the company, no problem in selling the market last year, making more than 800,000 yuan.

In order to form a stable source of raw materials, Shuanggang company built a new eco-farming park, used to breed laying hens.

Folder Chuk Yuen town Jinshan Longfeng couple, management of a chicken farm house.

Shuanggang Ecological Park administrator Long Houfeng

We have old and young people to take care of and work around in the vicinity of 2,000 yuan a month.

Hubei Shuanggang Deputy General Manager fresh wells and

Play our company standardized breeding base and the role of processing base, driven nearly ten thousand households, the county 3000000 poultry in 2009 farming efficiency of only 20-30 yuan each, an increase of nearly 100 million yuan for farmers.

Reporter Peng Huiyun

Here is the chicken manure, duck manure fermentation plant, is a double-Hong Kong company invested more than 18 million yuan newly built, mainly dealing with chicken manure, duck manure, into organic fertilizer, the real double waste treasure.

Shuanggang Chu fertilizer industry, with chicken manure, duck manure as the main raw material, using the Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Soil Conservation and fertilizers process, production of organic fertilizers, not only to extend the company's industrial chain, but also to solve the chicken manure, duck manure Deal with the problem.

Maozigang Tang Tsui village villagers Gaozu Qing, last year's rape is Shuanggang Chu farmers organic fertilizer.

Maozigang Tang Tsui village villagers Gaozu Qing

540 pounds per mu, more than 100 kilos more than others, and the index high.

In 2009, Hubei Shuanggang Company achieved sales revenue of 160 million yuan and earned foreign exchange of 10 million U.S. dollars.

Hubei Shuanggang Deputy General Manager fresh wells and

In 2010 we will add 300,000 hen breeds, mainly planting 300 acres of organic grapes, driving more people to work.



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