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E egg production value added equation

Date:2017-11-29 Author: Click:

After six consecutive exports, Hubei egg industry self-transcendence, the goal is to double the output.

Benefit from the standardization of the industrialization of the road, Hubei egg industry in recent years to maintain rapid growth momentum. According to insiders, the export of egg products in Hubei will still maintain its great advantages and growth rate. Relevant authorities and enterprises also said that by the end of the 12th five-year plan, the province's egg product output will strive to double.

To achieve the goal of the process, but also need to achieve a breakthrough brand, scale as soon as possible to maximize the value-added products.

Status quo - industry standardization come from behind

These days, Lee Tak-sing went to Macau to inspect the local egg market this year.

17 years ago, he resigned from the food industry, he will not think of himself now will become the top egg exporters chairman of the board. From a few hundred yuan in Guangzhou Sanyuanqiao opened the egg shops, and now has a production value of hundreds of millions of dollars in Hubei Shuanggang livestock farming and processing companies, Li Desheng put his eggs sold all over the world.

Two years ago, Shen Hua Dan Health Food Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Huaqiao, Hubei Province to participate in the standardization of egg production promotion in Hubei Province, the heart uneasy. "As the largest egg enterprise in the mainland, Shendan has never exported eggs to Hong Kong and we are very regretful." Liu Huaqiao said he did not expect the promotion to take place by leaps and bounds. Liu Huaqiao thanks to the company's standardization, standardization and industrialization of the road.

According to the person in charge of the Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, many industries in the north started industrialization early but the industrial chain was loose. In particular, there was a great resistance in the improvement of technology, equipment and management. Hubei Province had a tradition of supplying egg products to Hong Kong and Macao. Jianghan Plain Rich and suitable climate, can fully meet the needs of laying hens, itself formed a lot of concentrated production areas and processing areas, industrialization foundation is very solid, so although the late start, but the rapid development.

Statistics show that at present, Hubei egg products occupy 80% of the Macau market, and occupy 55% to 60% of the market in Hong Kong. They also account for nearly one-third of the total export volume of egg products in the country.

Anterior - Egg product output increased by 1 million tons

Right now, the two-Hong Kong company executives Li Xing can also take a weekend car ride to Wuhan shopping street, until the Mid-Autumn Festival, the weekend she can only work overtime in the company. This situation has been the case since she entered the company 5 years ago, "the company's orders are increasing every year, we also need overtime to help executives busy season." Similar situation is also reflected in God Dan companies recently in the job fair Intend to recruit as much as possible as much as general workers.

Export for the first time in six years, Hubei egg product processing industry in the rapid development at the same time, it is also faced with every success how to further the issue. According to statistics, as of 2012, the province's total output of egg products is about 1.4 million tons, ranking the top three in the country. The current gap, in the eyes of livestock shepherds, is a great opportunity.

In fact, since 2009, Hubei has accelerated its pace of promoting the "153" mode of laying hens in family farms throughout the province, that is, 1 egg henhouse with more than 5,000 laying hens, wet curtain fans, Feeding machine, Qing dynasty machine 3 machine supporting, in the chicken coop structure, feed, breeding health, temperature environment, disease prevention and control and so has a unified and detailed harsh standards. The scale of the model and industrial quality, but also to Hubei eggs in the domestic market price per box higher than other provinces and cities 5 yuan.

Provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau said that in accordance with the requirements of building a strong province for livestock husbandry, Hubei in the promotion of "153" laying hens on the model to provide subsidies to farmers, while the leading enterprises through the construction of demonstration parks to further enhance their overall competitiveness, and strive to ten The end of the second five egg product output increased by 1 million tons.

At present, Hubei annually processes nearly 200,000 tons of clean eggs (cleaned, sterilized and packaged), accounting for 30% of the total output of clean eggs in the country. "The increase in the proportion of cleansing eggs not only reflects the grade of processing egg products in Hubei, but also creates the conditions for the further expansion of exports," said the Provincial Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine.

Breakthrough - An egg added value equation

The reporter visited on the following day found that although the production and processing industry of egg products in Hubei is in full swing, the price of fresh eggs in the farms and supermarkets of four to five yuan does not bring about more profit margins. "Single selling fresh eggs, obviously not a big deal to make money." An egg production and processing enterprises in the province said.

Shuanggang poultry farming and processing company workshop in Gong'an County, the reporter saw here, huge salting workshop, hundreds of large vats arranged neatly, each mouth of the tank are marinated with hundreds of eggs. "From the beginning of New Year began to prepare, and next month, even the company leaders have to participate in the workshop under the production." The factory workers jokes.

Hubei preserved eggs, salted eggs, more famous than fresh eggs. Although the production of salted eggs and preserved eggs is more complicated than that of fresh eggs, the production cycle is also several times longer, but the added value is obviously higher. Compared with the regular retail price, the price of a salted egg is almost 3 to 5 times that of fresh eggs.

An egg, what is the added value? The person in charge of Hubei Shuanggang introduced a reporter's egg product designed for pregnant women and fetus. "This egg was developed in collaboration with a well-known biotech company that contains 10 to 20 times more DHA than normal eggs." Although the product sold for $ 15 a year, it opened the door to sales and the bio-egg product has been sold in Europe and the United States Into most families.

In addition, egg powder, egg milk and other products R & D production, but also in many processing enterprises in Hubei to start, and the use of laying hen manure fertilizer industry has long been started, making the egg product industry chain showing a green circular trend.

Strategy - Refuse to OEM Local brands

During the interview, many people in the province agreed that the vigorous market behind the egg product industry in our province is not perfect. In particular, the imperfect brand strategy is still the issue that the relevant enterprises must face up and catch up in the next step.

Zeng Jianmin, deputy director of the Institute of Agricultural Economics at the Academy of Social Sciences in Hubei Province, said Hubei's export of egg products has been the first in the country for six years in a row. Hubei's specialty card has been formed with agricultural products such as freshwater fish, lotus root and crab. However, the fame of the place of origin, with the fame of corporate brand reputation is still very large, part of the export of eggs is still second impression is regrettable.

Zengjian Min believes that a good product must be publicized to raise awareness, make a brand, started his own brand, others will not be the second OEM. At the same time, the government should play a positive role in promoting the development of enterprises to build a platform for the development of the industry to provide a good and orderly environment.

Egg export data for nearly 3 years in our province

Number of years the amount of exports

3.41 million tons in 2010 42.81 million US dollars

In 2011, 31,200 tons amounted to 51,668,700 U.S. dollars

In 2012, 49,900 tons were 52,957,000 U.S. dollars

Source of data: Exit Inspection and Quarantine of Hubei Province



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