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Egg production of a global fantasy drifting eggs

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Hi! Hello, everyone, I am a newborn egg, named "Little E", and is now in the birthplace of Shuanggang Ecological Park in Gong'an County, Hubei Province.

Born with me, there are thousands of eggs, just shower, all fresh and full of ruddy. Just came to this world, we are very excited and curious. Even more surprising is that soon, I will go abroad with a lot of eggs. As an egg from Hubei, I am going to Australia this time and I heard that there are many eggs to go to other countries like Canada, Japan and Singapore.

Every year, tens of thousands of eggs start from Hubei and travel across the world. Now, let's start this fantasy journey.

come out

Was born in a beautiful clean chicken coop

My hometown is beautiful, rich and beautiful, with more than 100 million brothers and sisters. One side of water and soil to help me in vain, foreign aunt and uncle love me.

A neat row of garden houses, white walls, and that clear blue roof, which is my home in Hubei Public Security County. Around the house full of tall trees and grass, and then outward ten steps, it is a width of 5 meters, "moat." Take care of our aunt, said the river around my house, to resist the invasion of germs.

Yes, my house is very clean. General dirty children are absolutely not allowed to enter the room, outsiders must first disinfect and then wear sterile clothes. The house is also clean, so I and family members are very healthy.


To kill all germs before going out

We have just born, who have a baby's taste. In the workshop, we were quickly soaked with water, and after a wash, we were completely renewed. After taking a shower, wet body how to do? The shop's uncle put us in a big box, I heard it called hot air drying system, and soon after all the water we have done. Then look at myself, I think I became a "high handsome" friends.

However, it is not enough to remove the visible dirt from the light. Another uncle in the workshop said that it would kill other bacteria that we may carry, such as bird flu, salmonella and E. coli. He said that through the 55W UV lamp, , All kinds of pathogens will be eliminated.


Mechanical elimination of substandard eggs

After light inspection, through the perspective test, some dirty eggs, blood-capped eggs, deformed eggs, scattered yellow eggs and other brothers and sisters will be included in substandard eggs, equipment automatically identify them out. Poor they are eliminated, can not play with us.

There is also a crack monitoring more powerful, we hit different parts of the body by the sensing hammer, the use of sonar principle to identify the naked eye is difficult to identify crack eggs and automatically separated. This time, another group of egg brother left. Pleased, I passed these tests.

To the sea

Two quarantine before packing

In order to ensure that will not be deteriorated, we generally through the constant temperature storage, refrigerated trucks green distribution to businesses, to ensure freshness and safety.

Before leaving our hometown, we also have to be sent to Hubei Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and other places for quarantine. If you want to go abroad, you have to go to Shenzhen first and then another quarantine in Shenzhen before we can arrange for us to board the ship and send it to a foreign country thousands of miles away.

Have not had time to say goodbye, my partner and I go their separate ways. I heard that some went to Hong Kong, some went to Canada, and some went to Singapore, while I took a cruise to Melbourne, Australia ......

Foreign supermarkets came to Wuhan fellow

In Melbourne, we were taken to a supermarket in the city center. Locals look at eggs from Hubei, are rest assured to buy home. A year later, we can earn more than 10 million U.S. dollars in our hometown company.

Although I was out of the country, but here I also encountered other siblings brothers and sisters - salted eggs and preserved eggs. Shendan's box of 6 salty eggs is priced at $ 5.45, and a box of 8 eggs at Double Harbor costs about $ 10.

Abroad, I also saw the Chinese, I feel kind. Monash University, a senior student grand, is my hometown of Wuhan, Hubei. He went to Australia four years ago to study in the local supermarket to see the salted eggs, picked up and looked, but still exported to Hubei Shendan, he immediately bought a pack of greedy. The grand occasion said that not only students and overseas Chinese like to eat, some foreigners will also buy early adopters, and some even become repeat customers.



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