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Jing Chu farmers make good fertilizer

Date:2017-11-29 Author: Click:

Still clear in early summer and, grass also did not break. In the early summer of this 10,000 Logistics Fangcui Tsui, I came to Hubei Shuanggang poultry farming and processing Co., Ltd. Chu fertilizer industry, just to witness a grand meeting: Dong County Public Security County parents with all the village two Commission members, township agricultural cadres, came to Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing Co., Ltd. Chu farming fertilizer to listen to the company's business manager, agronomist Yi Qifeng taught how to vigorously develop the town organic, low-carbon agriculture charging; a week In the past, the officials and officials of Lions Town, Gong'an County, had just signed a supply contract of 100 tons per village here. After the hurry to finish all this, Chairman Li Desheng, General Manager XIN Jin and General Manager XIN Jin and his area manager went to Shaanxi Provincial Zhouzhi County, Go there for kiwi organic cultivation pass through the treasure ... ...

What has attracted many township cadres to learn? What makes tens of thousands of miles Zhouzhi County kiwifruit growers on the Chu Nong fertilizer industry a group of blue eyes have added?

- Yes Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing Co., Ltd. Chu farming fertilizer Relying on the advantages of advanced technology experts in plant protection and fertilizers in Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences developed a series of organic - inorganic compound fertilizer after the test demonstration field application, good wind Comment, the magical effect, so that a group of companies now avatar surgery, running from north to south!

Turning waste into treasure

Practical technology to take the garbage off the "butterfly clothes"

Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing and Processing Co., Ltd. is a national agricultural product processing and export demonstration enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Hubei Province. The "Hong Kong Chu" egg product and the "Xiang Fei" fish cake are not only pollution-free Green food, or provincial brand-name products, precisely because of these golden medals, Hubei double-Hong Kong poultry farming and processing Limited this series of perennial pollution-free food straight to Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asian countries, as the name of the company prompted by the double That way - it was attached to Donggang Town, Gong'an County, where the company's largest breeding base is located, with a table that connects millions of consumers in Hong Kong and Maucao!

In the company's modern farms, lined with henhouse temperature throughout the year, outdoor, duck feather Anthurium shine in the sparkling lake side by side. In addition to the 400,000 hens and 300,000 duck ducks here, Shuanggang also oversees 3 million chickens and ducks in small and medium-sized farms throughout the county. Recently, the company also asked Guangzhou South China Livestock Equipment Co., Ltd. to adopt a complete South Korea design and manufacture of equipment 4-layer layering hedges feeding device, and then expand the scale of 300,000 laying hens!

The larger the scale of farming, chicken duck ah, the more the waste, but untreated farming waste bacteria, eggs applied to the ground may cause a second pollution, these organisms in the soil fermentation The release of heat may burn the roots of crops ... ... all kinds of drawbacks, one after another!

The problem is the challenge, the challenge is the opportunity. Comrade Deng Xiaoping said: "The solution to the agricultural problem is eventually settled by bioengineering and relies on cutting-edge technologies." Premier Wen Jiabao said: "Farmers use organic products to benefit future generations." The development, application and promotion of bio-organic fertilizer are the needs of the times! Of course, a group of people in Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing Co., Ltd. will certainly not lose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After many contacts, it has obtained the most authoritative fertilizer research institution in the province-Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences The technical support, access to the use of the Institute won the second prize of progress of science and technology, the State Ministry of Science and Technology, State Administration of Taxation, Technical Supervision, Environmental Protection Administration, the Ministry of Foreign Trade jointly issued a national key new product certification patented technology: bio-organic inorganic complex Fertilizer production formula, process, the use of aquaculture waste production of high quality organic - inorganic fertilizer!

Focus on agriculture

New type of fertilizer for the protection of organic agriculture

Needless to say, pure inorganic fertilizers have had quite a beautiful day. The main nutrient elements required for crops are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are concentrated in about 100 kg of inorganic salt after chemical synthesis and decomposed after being decomposed by light and water Was absorbed and utilized, and made a contribution to short-term increase in production and income. It solved the poverty and hunger for the rural areas that have not yet solved the problem of food and clothing in the latter part of the last century.

But thanks to the blessing of happiness, Fu Xi evil by volts. All kinds of chemical fertilizers toxic and harmful components also remain in the soil, biuret in urea, phosphate in phosphate, potassium in chlorate, ammonium arsenic in heavy arsenic, a variety of toxic pesticides Harmful components in the soil water residue is more so that the body contaminated Shen heavy soil "worse." These toxic and hazardous substances make the soil airtight, impermeable to water and difficult to tillage! Nitrates absorbed by plants into the human body, under the action of microorganisms, can be reduced to nitrites, excessive nitrite accumulation in the body in case of appropriate environment, can also be converted into carcinogenic nitrosamines. Statistics show that in the 1960s, 15 kilograms of grain per kilogram of chemical fertilizer and 12 kilograms of grain per kilogram of fertilizer were produced in the 1980s. Since the beginning of this century, 9 kilograms of grain per kilogram of chemical fertilizer has been produced. Ever since, in order to increase production, hard-working farmers are desperate to fertilize the ground, while achieving a little stimulation effect, while the toxic and harmful ingredients in the fertilizer residues in the soil more!

Both to improve the soil structure, but also to provide enough nutrients to the soil should be biological organic - inorganic fertilizer! As Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing and Processing Co., Ltd. is the national agricultural products processing and export demonstration enterprise farm identified by the Ministry of Agriculture as the export record base for the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, using a safe and pollution-free feed that is completely free of hormones. Chickens and ducks in the waste is also completely free of toxic and harmful heavy metals and hormones, is a natural high-quality organic fertilizer raw materials, and the Hubei Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, fertilizers phytosanitary marriage is a powerful alliance, twin win-win alliance!

Hubei Academy of Agricultural and Botanical Protection of Soil and Fertilizer Institute of bio-organic fertilizer compound fertilizer patent technology is unique in that: First, which has the Institute of Plant Protection Soil Fertility Institute developed its own can fix nitrogen in soil nutrients Bacillus cereus, Bacillus megaterium which can utilize the fixed phosphorus in the soil, silicate bacteria which help to decompose and utilize the fixed potassium in the soil, these active bacteria reach 200 million / g in the finished product of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer National standards (20 million / g) of the times; Second, the production process also has innovative and unique spiral flip technology increases the contact time and area of organic matter and air, so that the activity of bacteria to better reproduction; Third, at Microorganisms and organic fertilizers, the inorganic fertilizers therein can increase the utilization rate by more than 20%; fourth, increase the trace elements needed by crops such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, zinc and iron, manganese and copper, And the amount of humic acid, not only can provide more comprehensive nutrition, but also more fully increase the soil aggregate structure, the soil is more porous and breathable.

Under the support of this technology, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, plant protection and soil and fertilizer combined with the comprehensive investigation of different crops, different regions of the soil to Hubei Shuanggang livestock and poultry processing and processing Co., Ltd. Chu agricultural fertilizer provides a "bio-organic seedling fertilizer" , Organic fertilizers and fertilizers, fertilizers and fertilizers, bio-organic pad pot fertilizers, bio-organic and inorganic compound fertilizers, bio-organic and inorganic compound fertilizers, Shuanggang Yifei No.1 "" Nursery Series Special Fertilizer "and other needs for different needs of the fertilizer formula.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces. The development of Chu agricultural fertilizer industry in Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing and Processing Co., Ltd. once again verified this indisputable truth. In March 2009, Xi'an Tianfeng Eco-Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. participated in demonstration experiment of organic cultivation of kiwifruit in Guangsheng Town, Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province, where "Zhouzhi Kiwi" was obtained from the protection of national geographical indication products. The company provided 350 tons of bio-organic fertilizer 3 tons per mu according to the standard, under the supervision of the camera application is completed. On May 6, 2010, Liu Ping, Manager of Chu Nong Fertilizer Industry Shaanxi Area, was invited to participate in the symposium on the industrialization development of Huayu kiwi fruit industry. Mr. Zhang Pengxi, Chairman of Xi'an Tianfeng Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., told ZERO Liu: "The application of Chu Nong Fertilizer kiwifruit flowering 7 days in advance, time is money ah! "Today, Shaanxi Science and Technology Biological Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for Huayu kiwi industrialization and development to provide technical assurance, he immediately extended to Chu agricultural fertilizer olive branch - Order 3000 tons Chu Farming bio-organic fertilizer in Zhouzhi County demonstration in a larger area, so that organic cultivation from the beginning of the application of organic fertilizer.

Wall incense wall blossom, which is the disadvantages of the fantasy and the knot, harvest fruit, is the ordinary season to give the workers the truth return. Chu agricultural fertilizer rooted in Jing Chu earth, the first thought is that Jingchu farmers produce genuine fertilizer products. Since its put into production, its bio-organic seedling fertilizer, fertile nest is designed specifically for Jingchu cotton farmers tailor-made. Hard work pays off. Each year's high temperature and drought in August are a test for cotton. However, cotton farmers who used organic fertilizers in Maojiagang Town in Chu'an County in 2009 were "relieved" because Organic bacteria in those beneficial bacteria have been built around the cotton seedlings wall iron wall, attack cotton Fusarium verticillioides Fusarium oxysporum, Rotary bacteria attack on cotton roots; there are cotton blight, rice leaf blight and other physiological Diseases are caused by potassium deficiency, while organic fertilizer nutrition is comprehensive, long-term fertilizer effect, so that cotton will not premature, naturally, and such diseases "insulation." On February 5 this year, Hu Dahua, a 4-member group of Jingfeng Village, Mahao Town, Gong'an County, acreed 80 kg of farm bio-organic fertilizer and 20 kg of urea in 200 mu of cabbage field. Far from it, 80 kg Yangfeng 45% compound fertilizer farmers. 40 days later, Hu Daohua et al planted cabbage leaf color dark green, leaf large leaf thick, and the leaf wax table thick layer, cold frost, vegetable farmers are issued with praise: "Chu fertilizer, the effect is really good!"

Embroidered mandarin duck from teaching, we should take the golden needle and people. It is not only fortunate that these few peasants are just a few. More than a decade ago, there was courage and courage to introduce advanced breeding techniques to make its unrivaled eggs fly across the sea for the public security people to export foreign exchange Li De-Sheng, chairman of today's Aicheng Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Soil and Fertilizer this advanced technology for the benefit of Jing Chu people . He selected ten prominent representatives from the Agricultural Expert Database of Jingzhou City. As a member of "Expert Technical Service Team" of Chu Nong Fertilizer, he let the best experts introduce the best products produced by the best technology : The first 10 sub-periods of not less than 50 people each focused on training large-scale farming breed throughout the county, and then based on the layout of sales outlets countryside training, field guidance, so that scientific fertilization, organic fertilizer, organic farming concept Into the brain into the heart. High-quality products coupled with improved agricultural services, Chu fertilizer industry in one fell swoop to become a new batch of Hubei Province, one of the designated fertilizer processing enterprises!

In addition, Hubei Shuanggang Livestock and Poultry Processing Co., Ltd. has planned to implement organic management in the Eco-agricultural Science and Technology Park and Science and Technology Park in Qinglong Villa, Qinglongcun, Mengxi Town, Gong'an County, to build an organic Aquaculture demonstration area, using modern agricultural management and production methods to inspire more people into the ranks of changing the mode of agricultural growth - the development of Chu fertilizer industry for Jing Chu people dedication, not only advanced technology, science formulating Sack of organic fertilizer, but a few words Jing Chu farmers rely on science and technology get rich hot heart!

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