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What is the three-dimensional culture? Hubei livestock company told you

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

What is the three-dimensional culture? What is the difference with the traditional culture mode? Hubei livestock company below to give everyone say:

The three-dimensional culture developed on the basis of traditional farming patterns can be seen as an efficient combination of multiple traditional farming patterns that take full advantage of the different attributes of the various parts of the environment and the needs of the crops and stocks involved Of the specific environment, the combination of their organic, complete use of the various parts of the environment, in the same area of ?? land to play the most effective. Three-dimensional culture is now the mainstream mode of livestock breeding.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, aquaculture industry has been moving toward more specialized and scien- tific development. A variety of three-dimensional culture technology began to put into actual production, there are even some technologies have been promoted, the following is a list of several more common forms of three-dimensional culture:

1, fish - Mulberry - chicken. Raise fish in ponds, grow mulberries around ponds, and grow chickens in mulberry trees. In this way, the mud in the pond can be used as fertilizer for mulberry trees, mulberry leaves can be used as chicken food, chicken manure can be used as fish food;

2, chicken - pig - biogas - organic fertilizer. Feeding chickens with feed, pig manure after treatment of pigs, pig manure biogas material, organic fertilizer for winter warm greenhouse fertilizer;

3, chicken - pig - cow. Feeding chickens with feed, pigs after handling pig manure, pig manure after treatment;

4, cattle - fish. Feeding cattle with feed or fodder, feeding cattle with cow manure, and pond sludge as fertilizer for farmland;

5, chicken - pig - fish. Feeding chickens with feed, pigs after handling pig manure, pig manure after feeding fish;

6, cattle - sheep. The use of cattle to eat high grass, sheep eat short grass characteristics, the most pasture to take turns two levels of grazing.

In order to vigorously develop the construction of poultry eco-farming projects, we have adopted the three-dimensional eco-farming model, and adopted the recycling eco-development of "feed processing" + "fish and chicken farming" and "organic fertilizer production" Line, and strive to build a large base for the export of egg breeding record and efficient aquaculture, three-dimensional eco-farming demonstration base.



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