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About new mode of three-dimensional livestock and poultry manufacturers want to talk about

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Today, in the livestock and poultry industry, the three-dimensional breeding model is highly respected, one is to save space costs, the second is the use of some principles of the biological chain, while breeding a variety of organisms, the third is to use the most primitive features of each organ combined The environment for ecological farming ... ... In short, the three-dimensional culture model compared to the traditional model, farmers have brought vitality and economic benefits. Now people's living standards are improving, and the quality of food is also increasing. Green original pollution-free food, is what modern people love. Here we Shuanggang Hubei livestock and poultry manufacturers give everyone to talk about today to introduce to you ten new three-dimensional breeding mode!

1 fish - Mulberry - fish ponds, ponds around mulberry, mulberry chicken. Fish pond silt and chicken manure used as mulberry fertilizer, silkworm pupa and mulberry leaves feeding chicken; silkworm manure and chicken manure feeding fish. Sang, fish, chicken form a good ecological cycle. Experiments show that every 500 kilograms of mulberry silkworm feed, silkworm excrement feeding fish, can increase fish production 25 kilograms, mulberry 20 chickens, with an annual output of 200 kilograms of chicken manure, the equivalent of 1 to 8 kg of nitrogen to mulberry, Phosphate fertilizer 17.5 kg.

2 chickens - pig feed chicken, chicken manure fermentation and other regeneration after feeding pigs, pig manure is a good fertilizer for farmland, under normal circumstances, every 40 chickens year of chicken manure can raise 1 fat pig.

3 chicken - pig - cattle fed feed chicken, chicken manure regeneration after feeding pigs, pig manure after the treatment of cattle, cow manure for farmland fertilizer, thus greatly reducing the contradiction between grain and animal feed, effectively reducing the cost of producing feed, Can improve the economic benefits of aquaculture.

4 chicken - pig - fish feed the chicken feed, chicken manure feed pigs, pig manure fermented feed the fish, ponds as a good fertilizer for crops, resulting in a virtuous cycle of the biological chain, reaching a grain yield, pig feed costs down the goal of. Experiments show that the annual raising of 00 chickens, pigs fed with chicken manure, pigs can increase about 100 kilograms of pig manure can be increased fishing catch of adult fish about 50 kg, together with pond mud as fertilizer, a total of more than 1,000 profit Multiple.

5 cattle - fish The weeds, straw or grass after nitrification cattle, cow dung fermented feed fish, and then clear ponds for farmland fertilizer, usually two cattle dung can be fed 1 acre pond Fish, the annual increase in fish into 200 kilograms.

6 cattle - sheep The use of cattle eat high grass, sheep eat short grass characteristics, limited rotation of the grazing two-tier grazing, first put cattle, after sheep, can greatly improve the efficiency and economic efficiency of pasture.

7 cattle - mushrooms - earthworms - chicken - pigs - fish grass, straw or grass fed cattle, cow manure mushroom cultivation materials, with the mushrooms after the waste cultivated earthworms, earthworms will be fed chicken, chicken manure after the fermentation of pigs, Pig manure fermented fish, fish pond mud for fertilizer.

8 livestock - biogas - edible fungus - earthworm - chicken - pig - fish stalk by ammoniation, alkalization or saccharification and other methods of feeding livestock, livestock manure and feed residues used to make biogas or edible mushrooms, the use of mushroom foot Feeding Earthworms, earthworms, chicken, manure fermented pigs, biogas residue and pig manure earthworms, the residue of fish or as fertilizer.

9 Livestock - maggots - chickens - pigs - cattle - fish Feces of domestic animals are fed maggot artificially. The maggots are the high protein feed for chickens. The chickens are re-fermented and fed to the pigs. Fish pond silt is a high-quality organic fertilizer for crops.

10 sheep - pig - fish feed the goats with goat, goat feed pigs, pig manure feed after fermentation, fish pond mud as fertilizer. Under normal circumstances, each milk goat can produce 1.5 to 3 kg of milk per day, for 5 to 10 pig protein feed.

The above is all content to be introduced to you today. In fact, the three-dimensional breeding model is very flexible, according to the breeding species and the environment, a reasonable plan, you can achieve the effect of three-dimensional culture, so there is more than one model, we should be based on their own specific circumstances combined with examples of specific analysis, and then Please expert evaluation, and then implement your own three-dimensional culture model.



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