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Prevention and treatment of chicken disease breeding

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Do not know if you still remember bird flu? I think this should be unknowingly unknown. When it comes to bird flu, chicken will first be remembered. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevention and treatment of various diseases when breeding chickens. Chickens are a group of organisms. Once a chicken is affected, Other chickens will also be quickly onset. The following livestock producers in Hubei and we talk about the prevention and treatment of several common diseases:

1, prevention and treatment of viral diseases

Newcastle disease of chickens is caused by Newcastle disease virus. The main manifestations are respiratory difficulties, diarrhea, green stool, depression and neurological symptoms, swelling of the head and face, and termination of laying of eggs. The mortality rate of sensitive chickens is as high as 50% -70%. Preventive measures: chicken 7 days to 10 days with a new branch of the quadrigeminal vaccine water or intranasal first immunization, 18 days two free, 60 days old with Newcastle disease I line intramuscular injection (before and after each vaccine With seven anti-drug drinking water, can effectively improve the vaccine immunity and body resistance, usually with Heng Jie Kang spices, reduce the incidence of Newcastle disease).

Fowlpox is caused by the Fowlpox virus, showing scabs in all parts of the diseased chicken body. The larynx fowl shows the oral cavity, the trachea mucosal ulcer or the yellow-white foci. Preventive measures: 14 days to 21 days with chicken pox vaccine.

Infectious bursal disease caused by infectious bursal disease virus, the disease is chickens white or light green diluted excrement, mental exhaustion, head drooping, eyelid closed, feathers loose droop, and finally extreme dehydration and death. Preventive measures: 14 days to 21 days with the bursal disease virus poisoning water, water plus 2% of skim milk powder; do post-emergence capsule with quick Buxu Ning drinking water can reduce the vaccine's stress response, and can control the bursa The incidence of disease.

2, prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases

Escherichia coli caused by Escherichia coli, chicks showed anorexia, loose feathers, do not love moving, and finally died; adult cocks crown atrophy, pale face, and some diarrhea. Some infections are clinically ill, such as arthritis, ophthalmia and respiratory problems. Treatment measures: antibiotics (such as kanamycin, new, chlorine, streptomycin), sulfonamides and furans are effective.

Shigella chicken caused by Salmonella, sick chicken performance for the flesh, poor appetite, wing drooping, loose feathers, like crouching, row yellow or green droppings. Control measures: use norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin or enrofloxacin drinking water.

Avian cholera is caused by Pasteurella multocida; the most acute type of chickens suddenly dies; the acute type chickens have loose feathers, no eating, shortness of breath, foamy mucus flowing out of the nasal passages, excretion of yellow, gray or green, Body temperature rose to 43 ℃ ~ 44 ℃, coma, 1 day to 3 days of death; chronic type showed arthritis, claudication, difficulty breathing and so on. Prevention and treatment measures: sulfa drugs, cyanosis, streptomycin, erythromycin after the onset of treatment effective (chickens with Feng Feng constant force source / ceftiofur sodium + Victoria drinking water, Purulent diarrhea can be reduced to reduce E. coli Infection rate).

3, prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases

Chickens common parasitic diseases have taeniasis, ascariasis and coccidiosis.

Taeniasis, ascariasis Chickens infected with tapeworms and roundworms, the performance of slow growth and development, cocks white, anemia, loose feathers, drooping sagittal, enteritis diarrhea, acetaminophen 5 mg per kilogram of body weight to get rid of these two parasitic insect.

Coccidia half months to 2 months old chickens most susceptible to coccidiosis, often manifested as anemia, weight loss, diarrhea and blood in stool and other diseases. Expel coccidia drugs can be used Tropistol solution of drinking water, usually with sulfadiazine suspension + Escherichia coli drinking water, regular health prevention, and can control the intestinal infection of chickens to reduce the occurrence of enterotox syndrome .

The above is a common outbreak in chicken disease, we can get to know. In this late stage of contact with chicken, we also know what kind of chicken is sick, what kind of chicken is healthy.



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