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Egg selection should pay attention to what

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Egg is a common food in life, because of its high nutritional value, so basic essential daily necessities. That everyone how to choose eggs? What should you be aware of when choosing? Hubei livestock manufacturers today to give you a way to pick the eggs:

First of all, we first understand the size of the egg and the nutritional value of the egg what is the relationship:

Generally, the size of the eggs in the brown shell is related to the age of the chickens. The larger the eggs of the older chickens are, the smaller the egg size is. The big head is not nutritious, big egg, because it contains more water, while the small egg is the chicken's first egg, which contains higher nutritional content. So in the same quality, the smaller the egg its higher nutritional value. So when we pick the best egg is the selection of small eggs. This is the most basic principle.

Then, we come to understand how to choose the eggs and how to distinguish the good and bad eggs:

1 See: Good quality Egg shell clean and complete, dull, shell layer of creamy powder, bright color; inferior egg shell surface creamy powder off, significant gray, oil leaching or greater mold.

2 hand touch: good quality eggshell rough, get in the hands of Shen, medium quality pressure hand feeling; inferior egg touch feel smooth, light weight.

3 ears to listen: good quality eggs flip each other when crisp sound, hand-shaking eggs silent; poor egg shaking shaking sound.

4 good quality egg translucent, clear outline of egg yolk; inferior egg was uniform gray yellow or gray-black.

5 nose sniff: good quality eggs no smell, a heat to the surface of the shell Kazakhstan, smell a slight lime-like smell; bad eggs have musty or stinky odor.

6 flooding: good eggs sink into the water; poor eggs floating in the water.

7 open: good quality egg yolk, egg white clear color, egg yolk was round, convex and complete, with toughness, and close to the ends of the yolk; inferior egg protein, egg yolk mixed, gray egg yellow, with black mold Spot or protein gel jelly mildew, different smell.

We should understand how to pick the eggs, and distinguish between good and bad eggs is not mastered. Next time we buy eggs, we must pay attention to these details.



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