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How should eggs be preserved?

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

We should often encounter this situation, the eggs bought a few days, reuse, when some eggs have broken, especially in the summer when the weather is hot, the temperature is too high, the eggs are more bad, and basically can not Put a few days, but we can not eat now every day, then how to save the egg, in order to let it extend the shelf life of it?

We Hubei livestock and poultry manufacturers first to tell you about the freshness of fresh eggs is how long?

First of all, we have to know, how long the shelf life of fresh eggs? Many people think that we eat eggs every day without a shelf life, that as long as the egg is placed on the eggs can not put a long time, in fact, this idea is completely wrong!

In general, the summer indoor temperature storage, shelf life of about 10 days. Winter president, the eggs can be stored at room temperature for 15 days at room temperature. Egg into the refrigerator, is not it possible to increase shelf life? Research shows that when the temperature of the refrigerator at 2-5 ℃, the eggs can generally put about 1 month.

Then we have always come to understand fresh eggs just bought back is not suitable for direct into the refrigerator

The first thing to know is that fresh eggs should not be bought back directly into the refrigerator. Due to the pollution of the outside world, there are many kinds of bacteria on the surface of eggshell. Those who have obvious poultry manure, blood spots, eggs, microbial contamination is even more serious. If you put fresh eggs directly into the refrigerator, it is most likely to cause health contamination of the refrigerator and other food in the refrigerator. So, just bought fresh eggs should not be directly into the refrigerator.

Just said, just bought fresh eggs should not be placed in the refrigerator, it is not to use water to wash the egg shell can be placed inside the refrigerator

In fact, not fresh eggs in fact should not be washed, washed more easily worse! Because the egg surface covered with invisible eyes, these holes are sealed with a layer of plastic material, the general bacteria can not enter the water inside the egg should not be evaporated, played a role in the protection of eggs, if washed with water , Will destroy the rubber skin eggshell, leading to the invasion of bacteria, which in turn lead to deterioration of eggs. For the dirt eggs with a cloth wipe clean.

How to store that egg

Some experts said that the fresh eggs to the big head-up small head down, on the refrigerator, do not horizontal.

This is because putting the egg upright and the bulk of it upwards keeps the fresh egg protein effective at fixing the egg yolk position. In addition, the proportion of egg yolk lighter than the protein, horizontal egg laying, the egg yolk will rise, the formation of "by the yellow egg" or "preserved egg", it is more likely to form "stink egg."

Know so much, in fact, there is a way you can not consider extending the retention period is to buy less once, such as buying a week's worth of eggs can be. After all, how long it takes for an egg to come down from the chickens is not clear to us. So the best option is to buy eggs at a time, which is better.



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