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What varieties of eggs better nutritional value?

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

It is well-known that eggs have high nutritional value as standing food for daily life, and their varieties are also increasing day by day. The problems caused by this are beginning to bother everyone. Which species of eggs in the end better nutritional value? Become the focus of people's attention. In order to answer everyone's questions, Hubei characteristics of agricultural products manufacturers will be based on the variety of eggs to give you a detailed description:

First of all, let us answer the most common questions: eat "native egg" or "foreign egg" good

The so-called "native eggs" refer to the eggs laid by indigenous chickens that are raised on farmhouses, while the "foreign eggs" refer to the eggs laid under the chickens' specialized synthetic feed. What is the nutritional value of these two eggs? high?

There are still a lot of controversies. Some people think that native chickens grow in natural environment and eat all natural foods. The quality of the eggs they produce will naturally be better. Eggs produced in general chicken farms should be specially produced Laying hens and artificial breeding, its nutritional value as soil eggs. Therefore, even if the price is much higher, many people are still willing to buy earth eggs, especially for the elderly, pregnant women and children to eat, but also choose high-value eggs. So what is the difference between "earth eggs" and "foreign eggs" Which nutritional value is higher?

First of all, we should determine what is really a "native chicken." "Native chicken" should be completely stocked without special feed, mainly using insects, vegetables, weeds and the like as food. This machine nutrition is not balanced, the next egg is relatively small, thick shell, larger egg yolk, because more green leafy vegetables, egg yolk carotenoids in higher class, so the egg yolk color deeper. Chickens in the chicken after selection, captivity, the feed eaten by scientific matching, a comprehensive and balanced nutrient content, the larger the egg produced, but there is no "egg" large egg.

From the nutrient content comparison, "soil egg" fat, cholesterol content than the "foreign egg" high, and calcium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese content and "foreign egg" is similar to soil egg taste better.

Can be seen, "soil egg" and "foreign egg" have their own nutritional value, people can choose according to their own preferences.

Red shell eggs, white shell eggs which is better?

When people buy eggs, care about the color of the eggs, that the red shell eggs higher nutritional value than the white shell eggs, so buy time also love to pick the red shell. In fact, whether it is red shell eggs or white shell eggs, its nutritional value itself is not very different.

The table of food composition shows that the protein content of white shell eggs and red shell eggs are both about 12%, the fat content is slightly higher for red shell, 11.1% and slightly lower for white shell 9.9%; the difference between the two carbohydrates The contents of vitamin A were lower in red shell and higher in white shell. Vitamin E was lower in red shell and higher in white shell. The content of other nutrients was not obvious.

Eggshell color is determined by the genetic gene, and the little relationship between the nutrients in the egg.

Therefore, the red shell eggs and white shell eggs can be, not very different.

In general, when picking eggs, you can choose according to their own preferences, because each variety of eggs are rich in different nutrients. Although some eggs have different shell colors, there are basically no significant differences in nutrients.

Hubei characteristics of agricultural products manufacturers remind everyone: When eating eggs, we must pay attention to moderation.



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