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Songhuahua on how to form the flower

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Songhuahua, also known as preserved eggs, eggs, eggs and other gray packets, is a Chinese traditional egg products. The main raw material is duck eggs, fresh and refreshing taste, color and fragrance are unique. Songhua not only loved by consumers in China, also enjoys a good reputation in the international market.

Preserved egg will become dark and bright, there are white patterns above, smells smell there is a special smell coming from, is one of the popular food, especially in the summer, In particular, people like to eat cold preserved egg, a heat to the fire.

In addition the easter eggs, not only delicious food, but also some medicinal value. Wang Shixiong "With interest rates in the family diet recipes," said: "preserved eggs, spicy, astringent, sweet, salty, can purge hot, hangover, go to the large intestine fire, cure diarrhea, Treatment of eye pain, toothache, high blood pressure, tinnitus and other diseases dizziness.

Pine flowers on the song is how to come from? Hubei characteristics of agricultural products manufacturers understand that after a chemical reaction.

The main chemical component of a protein is a protein. Eggs placed for a long time, the protein part of the protein will be broken down into amino acids. The chemical structure of an amino acid has a basic amino-NH2 and an acidic carboxyl-COOH, so it can not only act with acidic substances but also with alkaline substances. So people are making egg design, specifically in the mud to add some alkaline substances, such as lime, potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate and so on. They cross the pores in the egg shell and combine with amino acids to form amino acid salts. These amino acid salts do not dissolve in the protein, so they crystallize out of a certain geometry to form beautiful pine flowers.

In addition, since many egg yolk in egg yolk are decomposed into amino acids, the egg yolks of egg yolks eat much more than the egg yolks of ordinary eggs. Although the egg yolks are nutritious and taste delicious, their alkalineity is too large Should not eat. Some of the reasons for the smell of eggs with ammonia smell ammonia decomposition is due to complex reactions such as ammonia, it is recommended that the consumption of pine eggs, add some vinegar, vinegar can sterilization, but also to neutralize the part of the egg, alkaline, eat more taste.

We produce pineapple duck eggs in Shuanggang and have also passed the Green Food Certification, so we can rest assured that we will eat them. There is a need to have friends can contact us oh.





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