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The development trend of organic fertilizers, Hubei livestock company to be said to you

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Organic fertilizer refers to a class of fertilizers containing organic matter, both to provide a variety of crops and inorganic nutrients and organic nutrients, but also to improve soil fertility. Most of them are farmhouse made on the spot, their own product system.

So what is the development trend of organic fertilizer, Hubei and poultry companies and we have been to explore the next:

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, people's living standards are constantly improving, and people are demanding more and more food. Now people choose food more biologically, green, pure and pollution-free More natural ecological food. The emergence of this situation has led to people's attention to ecological agriculture. Because only eco-agriculture can produce eco-friendly food. In this regard, no matter from the strength of national policy support or actual action, the state has invested a great deal of supportive policies in this regard. And now we know that the widespread use of organic fertilizer is a best description. Can be said that after the organic fertilizer will gradually replace other fertilizers, and become an essential fertilizer for crop growth.

Hubei Livestock Company understands that in the production of organic fertilizers, it has obtained the strong support of many experts. At the same time on the device, also received the strong support of the state. Now many places have special equipment for organic fertilizer production and production line in order to be able to produce better organic fertilizer, and we are one of the two Hong Kong, the production of organic fertilizer manufacturers. In terms of policy support, many local governments have given a lot of help. In particular, the use of waste, disposing of some of the daily necessities of life has been strongly supported, because on the one hand not only deal with the garbage on the one hand, reducing environmental pollution, but also change waste into treasure, on the other hand to produce valuable Organic fertilizer This is a very good move in many places. Therefore, many local governments strongly support the production and use of organic fertilizers and even subsidize them economically to encourage people to use organic fertilizers.

It can be said that it is the extensive use of organic fertilizers that will allow our agriculture to gradually shift to a pollution-free agriculture so that more organic food, fruits and vegetables can be brought to our table.

With the development of economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the urban population is on the rise and the urban pollution is also increasing. In fact, urban pollutants can be turned into organic fertilizers through treatment. Organic fertilizer is necessary for organic agriculture and ecological agriculture. It can improve the nature of soil, improve soil fertility, increase the yield and quality of agricultural products, and curb environmental pollution. Hubei livestock and poultry company that in the planning of urban construction, the design of urban pollutants classified treatment, and this as a new industry, the urban pollutants into cheap, easy to transport organic fertilizer, turning waste into treasure for agriculture service.



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