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What are the advantages and disadvantages of organic fertilizer?

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

We all know that things are two-sided, that is, good and bad. One thing can not be good, no bad. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of organic fertilizer it? Only fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages, can better use its advantages, to maximize it, try to avoid its shortcomings, or use other methods to change the disadvantage. The following livestock and poultry producers from Hubei to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of organic fertilizer.

Chinese farmers have a tradition of using organic fertilizers and attach great importance to the use of organic fertilizers. The developed countries such as the United States, Western Europe and Japan are emerging "eco-agriculture" and "organic agriculture." They attach great importance to the use of organic fertilizers and stipulate organic fertilizers as the main source of fertilizers for green food production.

The most important point of applying organic fertilizers is to increase the soil's organic matter. Although the content of organic matter accounts for only a few percent to a few percent of the total amount of topsoil, it is the core component of soil and the main material basis of soil fertility. Organic fertilizers have very important influence on soil structure, nutrients in soil, energy, enzymes, moisture, aeration and microbial activity.

Organic fertilizer contains a large number of nutrients required by plants, the supply of nutrients to plants is relatively flat and lasting, have a long after-effects. Organic fertilizer also contains a variety of trace elements. Because of the complete range of nutrients in organic fertilizers, and these substances are completely non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting natural substances, which provides the necessary conditions for the production of high-yield, high-quality and pollution-free green foods. Organic fertilizers contain a variety of sugars, and organic fertilizers increase the amount of sugars in the soil. With carbohydrates, with the large amount of energy released by organic matter during degradation, there is energy for soil microbial growth, development and breeding activities.

Animal manure will be with animal digestive tract secretion of various active enzymes, and various enzymes produced by microorganisms, which is an important organic fertilizer raw materials. The application of organic fertilizer greatly enhanced the soil enzyme activity, is conducive to improving the soil absorption, cushioning properties and anti-retrogradation performance. The application of organic fertilizers increases the organic colloids in the soil, cementing the soil particles into a stable aggregate structure, improving the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil and improving soil water retention, fertilizer retention and air permeability. For the growth of plants to create a good soil environment.

Organic fertilizer decomposition in the soil, transformed into a variety of humic acid substances. Can promote plant enzyme activity, material synthesis, transport and accumulation. Humic acid is a kind of macromolecule substance with high cation exchange capacity, good complexation and adsorption performance, good complexation and adsorption to heavy metal ions, and can effectively reduce the poisoning of heavy metal ions to crops and prevent it It enters the plant. This is very beneficial for the production of non-polluting, safe and hygienic green food.

However, the use of organic fertilizers also has the problem of low nutrient content, difficult to decompose and can not meet the requirements of high-yield crops in time. Traditional organic fertilizer production and use of very inconvenient. Organic manure, garbage and other organic waste is a kind of dirty, rotten, stinky substance, which contains many pathogenic microorganisms, or mixed with some poisons, is an important source of pollution, especially noteworthy is that with the development of modern animal husbandry , Feed additives are more and more widely used, feed additives often contain a certain amount of heavy metals, these heavy metals excreted with livestock excreta, will seriously pollute the environment, affecting people's health.

Therefore, the role of different organic fertilizer extracted from raw materials is different, and its use is not the same. So if you have the need, in the choice of organic fertilizer according to their own needs, choose their own needs of organic fertilizer.



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