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Organic fertilizers in the process of fertilizer need to pay attention to what are the problems

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter and various nutrients, with a large number, wide source, the overall advantages of nutrients, but also dirty, smelly, unhygienic, low nutrient content, slow efficiency, inconvenient to use and other shortcomings. On the contrary, inorganic fertilizers have the advantages of high nutrient content, fast fertilizer efficiency and convenient use, but there is also a single deficiency of nutrients. Therefore, the application of organic fertilizers usually need to cooperate with fertilizers, in order to give full play to their benefits. Organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers with the application, you can learn from each other, the urgency of relief. Organic fertilizers have been some of the original soil improvement, soil fertility, increase production and improve quality and other effects, with the application of chemical fertilizers, these effects have been further improved. Since the use of chemical fertilizers in agricultural production, the application of organic fertilizers and fertilizers has been objective, but the blind cooperation was still not perfect. Since the 1970s, the development of chemical fertilizers in China has been rapidly developed. After many studies by scientists and the practices of farmers, fertilization methods such as soil testing and fertilization and formula fertilization have been widely applied in production so as to make the application of organic and inorganic fertilizers more perfect.

Above, we learned that fertilizers also have methods and techniques, improper methods, organic fertilizers may not be able to play its own advantages and role. So the organic fertilizer in the fertilization process which needs attention is what is very worthy of attention and understanding of things, following the Hubei livestock and poultry manufacturers together to learn it:

First, one thing that needs to be understood first is that although organic fertilizer works well, it is not a panacea. Organic fertilizer contains nutrients are not balanced, can not meet the needs of high yield and quality of crops. Therefore, in the application of organic fertilizer fertilizer can be required as required, and in the crop growth period with a variety of foliar fertilizer.

Second, compared to other fertilizers, organic fertilizer decomposition is relatively slow, fertilizer later. Although it is full of nutrients, it is low in content and decomposes slowly in soil. Therefore, experts suggest that the combination of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, the two complement each other to play their respective advantages.

Third, in general, before using organic fertilizer, the best after fermentation. Since many organic fertilizers carry pathogens, eggs and weed seeds, which are not conducive to the healthy growth of crops, they can only be applied after being processed.

Fourth, the last point is the use of organic fertilizer precautions. Maturity of organic fertilizer should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers, if mixed with alkaline fertilizers, will cause ammonia volatilization, reduce the nutrient content of organic fertilizer, resulting in nutritional imbalance. At the same time bio-organic fertilizer contains more organic matter, should not be mixed with nitrate ammonia fertilizer.

Everything, things pay attention to methods, techniques and dosage. Through the above understanding of the masters of manure fertilization methods, techniques and dosage yet?



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