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How to identify true and false salted duck eggs

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

As we all know, there are many "fake goods" on the market now. The most obvious one is the fake money. The red duck egg is also a "fake item." We must pay attention, food is, after all, directly from the mouth into the human body, so on the food on the "fake" must pay special attention.

First, let's make sure that the salted duck egg is there, here mentioned as genuine, real red heart duck egg is there. The duck "heart" is a natural phenomenon, but the egg yolk is red duck, only a small part of the duck eggs, which is made of salted duck eggs in the top grade. The use of cassette products word, can think of such a heart duck in the market share is the proportion of how little, because of its small and precious, resulting in a "fake." Some black-hearted farmers in the feed to add some "red drug", the duck will be produced under the red duck egg. It has been identified "red medicine" is the main component of industrial dyes "Sudan Ⅰ V.". The International Agency for Research on Cancer lists Sudan III as three types of carcinogens.

Hubei poultry manufacturers suggest that you egg is too red best do not eat

So this fake heart salted duck egg and what is the difference? In appearance, these salted duck eggs are no different from ordinary duck eggs. Only cooked egg yolk is particularly red and red is not normal. From the inside, the fake heart-shaped salted duck egg, which is opened with the nose, has no peculiar smell and has almost the same taste as ordinary salted duck eggs. Therefore, in this livestock and poultry manufacturers in Hubei remind everyone: duck egg yellow color is no problem, the medium is too deep if you can not eat, this is certainly a problem. So, in our daily life, if we can distinguish what is harmful "red duck"?

Here to introduce the identification method under:

When consumers buy ordinary duck eggs, it is best to reputable supermarkets to buy branded products, but also pay attention to look at the purchase, shake, peel, cut.

Look - look the appearance

Good quality salted duck egg shell is clean, smooth and round, egg shell is cyan; poor quality salted duck egg shell is dark, with white or black spots, this salted duck egg easily broken, shelf life is relatively short.

Shake - shake egg body

Good quality salted duck eggs should have a slight feeling of fibrillation, if you feel wrong and with abnormal sound, that the duck has deteriorated.

Peel - shell after cooking

Good quality yellow duck egg white, protein white condensate, moderate salt, oil and more delicious, thin yellow yolk sand, delicious; and poor quality salted duck egg protein rotten, rotten, salty larger, it is best not to edible.

Cut - cut to see the yolk

In fact, the egg yolk natural red duck egg yolk "with yellow", after the cut can clearly see the outflow of red oil, delicious. Eaten duck with "red" feed produces egg yolk with bright red color. After it is made into a salted duck egg, it can smell the taste of cornmeal, and the egg yolk is hard and dry. Look at the egg yolk color Red duck egg yolk is very red, while ordinary duck egg yolk is yellow. Second, the heart-shaped red duck that was contaminated by Sudan No. 3 was hard to cook. The eggs hit the pot to boil, 10 minutes are difficult to cook the egg yolk. The normal duck (including natural duck eggs), 10 minutes will certainly be able to cook, and egg yolks into powder.

We are also producing red heart duck eggs in Hong Kong, to ensure genuine, we have green food certification, is tested by the authority, so we can rest assured that the purchase and consumption.



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