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What are the benefits of eating salted duck eggs?

Date:2017-11-30 Author: Click:

Salted duck egg is a common food on the table, and the unique flavor, but the salted duck egg is salted food, there will be nutrition, since salty duck eggs in many salt, will be detrimental to health, in fact, do not worry, salted duck nutrition, eating But the benefits of salted duck are numerous.

Here we livestock and poultry manufacturers in Hubei from the nutritional efficacy of salted duck eggs to tell you the benefits of eating salted duck it:

1, amino acids

In the duck egg contains a lot of protein, and this material will be decomposed into amino acids in the pickling process, in addition to salt, which led to increased salt in the duck egg, resulting in a slight increase in inorganic salt eggs. In fresh duck eggs, while the fat in the yolk is bound to the protein and therefore does not contain oil, the protein is denatured and separated from the fat after being marinated for a period of time, and the fat in the duck egg is brought together Become egg butter.

The salted duck egg yolk contains a lot of red and yellow yolk and carotene, and dissolved with the egg yolk so we will see the red and yellow. Salted egg salted eggs are salted signs, it can be said that the nutritional value of salted duck eggs is very high, with fresh duck eggs contained in nutrition is not much difference.

2, rich in calcium

After the salted egg is preserved in salted egg, the content of the protein in the duck egg decreases obviously, from 14.7 grams per hectogram of fresh eggs to 10.4 grams. This time, however, the fat contained therein will obviously increase from 11.6 grams per 100 grams of fresh eggs to 13.1 grams. Not only that, salted duck eggs in the carbohydrate content also increased significantly, from fresh eggs per 100 grams containing 1.6 grams, up to 10.7 grams.

One of the most noteworthy is the preservation of minerals, minerals contained in duck eggs will not be damaged in the curing process, but also allows calcium in the process of pickling has been greatly improved , From eggs containing 55 milligrams per hectogram, rose to 512 milligrams.

3. Inorganic salts

In addition to the rich salt of duck eggs in addition to calcium, but also contains iron, phosphorus and other inorganic salts, and experts have found after study, salted duck eggs contain calcium, iron quality than eggs, fresh duck eggs are high. Therefore, their nutritional value is basically the same for all benefits, proper consumption of no harm to the body, so in daily life can be assured of food.

Although the high nutritional value of salted duck eggs, and the amount of food without any harm, but any food can not eat more, such as salt with salt is generally about 10%, if excessive consumption is likely to suffer from high Blood pressure, which seriously endanger the health of the human body.

4. Clear lung fire

After the study found that salted duck eggs contained in a variety of nutrients have a good Ziyin, Qingfei, Feng muscle, Ze and other effects, it is very suitable for consumption in the summer. In addition, Chinese medicine practitioners believe that salted duck egg lung fumigation, anti-Yin fire function than salted egg yolk can cure children plot food, topical can cure scalds and eczema.

I heard eating salted duck eggs so much effect is not like to eat every day. This is not good to eat every day, after all, salted duck eggs are preserved foods, can not eat, the amount of food can be achieved above said those effects, but eat more is not necessarily. Hubei livestock manufacturers recommend eating half a day can be. And especially for those who eat Yin Huo-wang. However, high blood pressure, diabetes should not eat too much. Pregnant women can not eat more. Must remember oh.



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