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Primary agricultural products include what

Date:2017-12-09 Author: Click:

Agricultural products are agricultural products, such as sorghum, rice, peanuts, corn, wheat and various local products. The state stipulates that primary agricultural products refer to the plants, animals and their products obtained in agricultural activities, excluding all kinds of processed products.

Hubei livestock and poultry producers tell you that agricultural products refer to the planting, animal husbandry, fishery products, excluding all kinds of processed products.


First, the tobacco leaf is a variety of tobacco leaves processed products, due to different processing methods, is divided into drying tobacco, air-cured tobacco leaves and tobacco. Tobacco drying is the use of solar energy open proofing tobacco; refers to air dry tobacco is obtained by natural drying room tobacco; Tobacco leaf (except redried leaf) refers to a tobacco curing barn.

Second, Mao Tea refers to the fresh leaves and shoots (ie tea green) picked from the tea tree, dried, kneading, fermentation, drying and other processes of the initial tea.

Third, the edible fungus refers to the natural growth and artificial cultivation of edible mushrooms, including fresh produce, dry goods and agricultural producers use their own planting, picking products for simple preservation, drying, packaging of fresh and dry goods.

Fourth, melons, fruits, vegetables refers to the natural growth and artificial cultivation of melons, fruits, vegetables, including agricultural producers use their own planting, picking products for continuous simple processing of melons, dried fruits and pickles (melon, fruit , Vegetables, preserves except raw materials).

Fifth, flowers, seedlings refers to the natural growth and artificial cultivation and maintain the natural state of the flowers, nursery stock.

Six, herbs refers to the natural growth and artificial cultivation of herbs. Does not include Chinese herbal medicines or proprietary Chinese medicine manufacturers cut, fried, baking, baking, smoked, steaming, packaging and other processes processed products.

7. Cereals and oil crops refer to wheat, rice (including japonica rice, indica rice and yuangu), soybeans, cereals (including corn, mung bean, red bean, broad bean, pea, buckwheat, barley, Yuanmai, oats, sorghum, millet, rice Kernel), fresh potato, dried potato, peanut, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, castor bean, palm seed and other seeds.

Eight, livestock, poultry, beasts, insects, reptiles, amphibians

1, cowhide, pigskin, sheepskin and other animal hides;

2, livestock, poultry, animal hair, refers to the untreated animal hair and feathers;

3, live poultry, live animals, live insects, amphibians, such as pigs, vegetables, vegetables, sheep, bullfrogs and so on;

4, light poultry and eggs. Light and poultry, refers to the use of their own farming farmers live slaughtered slaughtered, faded hair unselected poultry;

5, the animal itself or ancillary products, such as: cocoons, bird's nest, antler, bezoar, royal jelly, musk, snake venom, milk and so on;

Hubei livestock and poultry manufacturers

6, in addition to the animals other than terrestrial animals.

Nine, aquatic products

1, freshwater products. Common name for freshwater aquatic animals and plants.

2, sea water products. Sea animal and plant collectively.

3, beach breeding products. Is the use of beach breeding all kinds of animals and plants.

Aquaculture products, including agricultural producers, are harvested and harvested for simple freezing, pickling and dried natural products.

Ten, forestry products

1, logs. Refers to the felled trees go to their branches Ya, Shou Tou or peeling, sawing in accordance with the provisions of the standard length of the wooden section.

2, the original bamboo. Refers to the cut down after the bamboo, cut branches, shoots, bamboo leaves after the leaves.

3, logs, the original bamboo scraps. Refers to the logs, bark after the original bamboo cut, roots, branches, shrubs, shoots, leaves and so on.

4, Lacquer, natural resin. Is the secretion of lacquer trees, including large lacquer collected from wild lacquer trees and small lacquer collected from planted lacquer trees; natural resins, which refer to secretions of woody plants including turpentine, shellac, acacia, cuban gum, Tragacanth, Denmark plastic, natural rubber and so on.

5, In addition to the above other forestry by-products.

Eleven, other plants

1, cotton, refers to the unprocessed lint, cotton linter, seed cotton;

2, hemp, refers to unprocessed raw hemp, Ning Ma;

3, wicker, I grass, rush grass;

4, other plants.

Article 12 The agricultural products listed in the above Article 1 to Article 11 shall include seedlings, seedlings, saplings, bamboo seedlings, breeding stock, seed poultry, eggs and aquatic products, seedlings or seedlings, edible mushroom strains and flowers Seeds and more.



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