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Lobster farming need to do what work

Date:2017-12-09 Author: Click:

Lobster farming refers to the cultivation of lobster for the purpose of profitability. Hubei livestock and poultry producers set shrimp habitat in the environment of breeding waters such as shrimp nest for rubble, bricks, stones, mesh, old tires and grass dragon Shrimp hidden habitat and defense predators.

Ponds have good intake and drainage facilities. Pond built water area 4 meters wide water embankment width of 3 meters ditch pond. Lobsters are monogamous, digging holes 1-1.5 meters deep. The entire pond around the use of bamboo, gauze and other high 50 cm from the anti-evading walls around the pool planted water hyacinth, water peanut, water lettuce, Sui white aquatic plants, the coverage of the pond surface generally 1/3 , To lobster shade and breeding lobster loves to eat plankton.

General new lobster pond available lime water with clear ponds, with 100 kilograms per mu, if the use of old ponds or lakes to raise fish, dredging, exposure, stocking 10-15 days before the shrimp, lime with 50 kg per mu Dry pool disinfection. At the same time completely eliminate the pond catfish, loach, black fish and snakes, rats and other predatory wild enemies.

10-15 days before shrimp stocking, the general application of pig manure per mu of water and other well-manure 100-200 kg of manure to cultivate plankton and to provide the right amount of organic debris for shrimp feed.

Pond before the water to be installed in the water is best network of 60-80 mesh to prevent the enemy into the water. Keep the water depth of 50-80 cm, the transparency of 30-40 cm.

1. stocking shrimp: should be carried out in the sunny morning and evening stocking per acre 2 cm long young shrimp 6000-8000 or 3-5 cm long juvenile 4000-6000 tail. Shrimp stocking requirements of the same pond specifications neat. At the same time can be stocked in pond water about 50 grams of flowers, 300-400 silver carp, catfish 200.


Hubei livestock and poultry manufacturers

2. Carefully feeding: 3 days after Fangmiao vote cast minced fish and minced meat, put the trash within 1 month after 3 days, under the minced meat or feed, until the shrimp grow to 6-7 cm When all can be fed crushed snail, mussel and the amount of plant feed such as wheat, bran, corn, cake, etc. or compound feed. Daily feeding amount to eat, eat, do not leave the bait shall prevail, in general, crayfish fed by 15% -20% of body weight, shrimp feeding 5% -10% of body weight, according to Shrimp eating to be adjusted. Feeding 2 times a day, morning and evening time, the amount of daily feeding accounted for 70% -80% of the amount of feed, bait should be cast around the pond and properly dispersed, lobster concentrated more appropriate to vote more to facilitate its Food intake.

3. Water Quality Management: Lobster grow fast, strong metabolism, oxygen consumption, so shrimp pond water quality should be kept fresh, add water 15-20 cm deep every week to ensure fresh water, clean, and have enough dissolved oxygen, water transparency Control at more than 35 cm deep, when the weather is overheating, we should deepen the pool water to stabilize the water temperature. Prevent water quality by industrial pollution, pesticide pollution and chemical pollution.

When the dissolved oxygen in the water is low, the water quality is aging or when the thunderstorm is hot and humid, cloudy days and other inclement weather should be reduced to reduce the amount of feed or to stop feeding, and pay attention to observe, if found lobster unresponsive, tour set to shore, floating head and Climb to the shore, indicating severe hypoxia, to promptly water or open aerator oxygen.



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