Ecological aquaculture park



Hubei Shuanggang Agricultural Technology and Trade Co., Ltd. Shuanggang Ecological Breeding Park is located in Chencha Village, Huajitai, Gong'an County, Hubei Province. The company started construction in May 2008 and raised the first batch of laying hens in September 2008 according to the requirements of standardized scale laying hens farm. There are 248 permanent employees and 88 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, including 35 with middle and senior titles. There are 800000 laying hens, with an annual output of more than 20000 tons of excellent eggs. The fresh eggs produced have passed the green food certification.
1、 Brief description of the natural and social environment of the company's egg chicken breeding site in Dichenzha Village: Chenzha Village is located in the east of Gong'an County, Hubei Province, at 111.48 '- 111.251' in the east and 29.37 '- 30.19' in the north latitude, belonging to the central and southern edge of Hubei Province. The National Highway 207 runs through the county Jingdong Expressway and the Gold Exit is located in the territory, with convenient transportation. The project site integrates flat rivers, hills and lakes, and is known as the county of hundreds of lakes. The county has more than 170000 households. Since the beginning of history, raising chickens and ducks has been the main content of the development of diversified business for the majority of farmers.
2、 Location and layout of chicken farm: Shuanggang Ecological Breeding Park is located at the end of Jiugou, Chenzhai Village, Huajitai District, Jiazhuyuan Town, Gong'an County. The base is far away from the farmers' residence and has good water source conditions, which is conducive to production and disease prevention and control. It is an ideal choice for setting up large-scale breeding areas. The chicken farm has strict epidemic prevention facilities. There are epidemic prevention isolation ditches dug outside the surrounding walls of the base. The second line of defense is built with epidemic prevention walls. The third line of defense is built with intensive fish ponds around the epidemic prevention walls for re-isolation. The personnel entering the site must be sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, spray disinfection and special disinfection channel. The vehicles entering the site shall be sterilized by combining disinfection pool and spray disinfection. The chicken farm has achieved the separation of rainwater channel and sewage channel, and the separation of clean channel and sewage channel. The chicken manure is made into organic fertilizer for crop planting after being piled, fermented and dried.
3、 Infrastructure construction: supporting construction of egg processing plant, feed processing plant and organic fertilizer processing plant. There are 3 nursery houses, 1050 square meters each, 3150 square meters in total; There are 9 hen houses, 1438 square meters each, 12942 square meters in total; 1 feed processing workshop, 490 square meters; One office building, 300 square meters. The chicken farm adopts a fully closed modern chicken breeding mode to realize mechanized egg cage breeding. The chicken house is equipped with water curtains and fans to ensure that the house is warm in winter and cool in summer. Automatic temperature control in the house, free feeding, automatic water supply and automatic removal of chicken manure. Each brood house is equipped with a 200000 kcal coal heating furnace for heating brood. In the chicken farm, there is a 250kVA special transformer and a generator, which can ensure the power supply. There are 40 water wells in the farm, with an average of 3 in each chicken house. The drinking water is good groundwater. The water source is sufficient, clean and sanitary. There is a feed processing plant in the farm, and the feed needed is processed by itself.
Chencha Village Egg Base of Shuanggang Ecological Breeding Park takes green ecological and environmental protection as its goal. It adopts factory full-closed management and whole-process electronic monitoring to create a precedent for modern ecological breeding management. The company adopts a circular ecological development route of "feed processing"+"fish and chicken breeding"+"organic fertilizer production", and strives to build a national large-scale export egg breeding filing base and a high-efficiency three-dimensional ecological aquaculture demonstration base. The industrial park has been listed in the first category of the sixth batch of national agricultural standardization demonstration zones by the National Standardization Administration Committee, and has been identified as the second batch of national GAP pilot project units by the National Accreditation Administration and the Standardization Commission. After the completion of the project, it will be a relatively large export filing base for livestock and poultry breeding in Hubei Province. At the same time, more than 100 rural surplus workers can be arranged. In particular, the supporting construction of organic fertilizer processing plants, with ecological and environmental protection as the core, has a great promotion and driving effect on agricultural production level, economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits.
Egg duck breeding farm: Gongan is located in the hinterland of Jianghan Plain, with ponds and lakes scattered all over the place, rivers and ditches crisscrossing, and is a natural poultry and aquaculture area. We took this advantage into consideration and established a three-dimensional breeding base integrating egg duck, pearl and adult fish in Beihu Fishing Ground and Huajitai respectively. The base implements the methods of raising ducks on the water, raising mussels in the water, and raising fish under the water, which improves the ecological environment, improves the comprehensive utilization rate of water resources, and explores a circular economy breeding mode while reducing the breeding cost. More than 400 mu of water surface, 36000 egg ducks, 4 million fish fry and more than 400000 pearl mussels are cultivated in the North Lake fishery; With an annual output value of 7.8 million yuan, it is a demonstration base for four-dimensional comprehensive breeding at the city and county levels. Huajitai Aquaculture Farm raises 330 mu of water surface, 4 million fish seedlings, 130000 pearl mussels, 20000 egg ducks, 50 mu of green area, and an annual output value of 6 million yuan.
The company will continue to actively promote the new industrial operation mode of "company+base+farmer+standardization", serve farmers, participate in the construction of new countryside and improve agricultural production level according to the operation strategy of "five unifications and three recycling".


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