Nutrient composition and vacuum preservation of salted fish

Slate in sauce is mainly divided into two categories, crucian carp and bream. Crucian carp has a lot of flesh, small bones, spicy outside and sweet inside, and a long aftertaste. The bream meat is thin and has few small bones. It is crisp outside and tender inside. It is spicy and delicious. Next, Hubei Livestock and Poultry Company will analyze the nutritional composition and vacuum preservation of these two kinds of fish
Crucian carp
Every hundred grams of meat contains 13 grams of protein, 11 grams of fat, and a lot of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.
Each 100g contains 21.0 mg protein, 6.9-8.0 g fat, 92 kcal calories, 120 mg calcium, 165 mg phosphorus and 1.1 mg iron.
Vacuum preservation of pickled salted fish
1. When vacuuming, put a packing tray under it, then put the fish inside, and vacuum the outside with a vacuum bag. When vacuuming, refer to the parameters on the vacuum machine to adjust the time.
2. There are two kinds of vacuum bags: one is vacuum bag, the other is cooking bag. Only the cooking bag can be sterilized at high temperature. High temperature sterilization is usually pasteurization. Put the product to be sterilized in a 121 ℃ sterilizer and keep it for 15-17 minutes. The small workshop steamed or boiled the product in the boiling pot for 15-17 minutes.
When we eat pickled plate fish, it is so common that the fish bone gets stuck in the throat. How on earth should we deal with the fish bone getting stuck in the throat? Take a look at the following methods. Don't use dangerous methods to avoid damage to the esophagus.
We should stop eating immediately, reduce any swallowing actions, including swallowing saliva, and relax our throat muscles. Next, press the back part of the tongue with chopsticks and lower the base of the tongue to see the condition of the fish bones. If you can see the fish bone, it is not big and not deep, you can use tweezers to slowly clip it out.
But if you can't see the fish bones, or if the fish bones are large and deep, you should go to the hospital in time and let the doctor take them out with professional methods. If a child is stuck by a fishbone, he will cry, but crying will make the throat muscles tense, make the fishbone stick deeper, and may also produce swallowing action, which is unfavorable.
So parents must appease their children's emotions and let them stop crying before operating according to the above methods. In short, if you encounter a fish bone stuck in the throat, it is better if you can take it out by yourself, but if you can't take it out, you must go to the hospital.