What are the preparations for salted duck eggs

There are two kinds of common duck eggs on the market, white shell and green shell. Hubei Livestock and Poultry Company introduced that this is mainly due to the color difference caused by different duck breeds and feed. The difference in nutrition between the two is small, so they can be used to make salted eggs. Salted eggs pay more attention to the freshness and yolk size of duck eggs, which is the key to affect the sand and oil flow of duck eggs.
1、 Two methods can be used to quickly determine whether the raw duck eggs are fresh:
1) Appearance method, measured by your face control standard, duck egg shell that is dark, incomplete and cracked will not be selected.
2) Hand shaking method: after shaking the duck egg, the louder the sound, the higher the possibility of the bad egg, and the direct elimination.




2、 To determine the size of the yolk of duck eggs.
What makes salted duck eggs more brilliant is that they are golden. The bigger the egg yolk is, the higher the probability of sand and oil flowing out, and the effort of marinating for more than 20 days is not in vain. You can use the method of "transparent illumination" to cheat, use flashlight to observe the light, and try to select the egg yolk with larger size. In the process of observation, duck eggs can also be screened for a second time. When exposed to light, good duck egg protein is clear and translucent, and the range of the small empty chamber is not too large; The bad guys are gray, and even can see the stains inside the eggshell. The empty room is large, which is not new.
3、 After selecting duck eggs, you can prepare pickled containers.
You should know that the key to salted duck eggs is to use high salt to make the protein in the egg yolk "salt out", so that the protein and fat can be separated, and the fat will condense into oil. Heavy salt is added, and metal containers that are easy to corrode are removed first. It is recommended that you use glass cans, plastic boxes (such as bento boxes), and ceramic utensils to hold them, which is also convenient for observation.
4、 As for the materials for curing, salt and Baijiu are needed.
The addition of high salt and Baijiu can inhibit the production of microorganisms and ensure that duck eggs will not deteriorate. This step is a must in any recipe for salted duck eggs. Salt, just use ordinary edible fine salt. For novices, it is not recommended that you use coarse salt. The salt particles are too large to be evenly covered or dissolved, and the place where duck eggs can't touch the salt particles is more likely to deteriorate, leading to the failure of production.
The degree of Baijiu should be more than 50 °. The concentration is higher, the bacteriostasis effect is better, the salted duck egg flavor is better, and it is more reassuring.