How to make and choose salted duck eggs with red hearts

The storage time of fresh duck eggs is relatively short. Most sea duck eggs will be salted into salted duck eggs. Red heart salted duck eggs are a dish mainly made of duck eggs and Baijiu, which tastes salty and fresh. So how is the red heart salted duck egg made? Hubei characteristic agricultural product manufacturers introduce the specific steps:




  1. Select 20 fresh duck eggs and wash them carefully with warm water. The manufacturer recommends washing them again with clean water to ensure that the surface of the egg shell is clean and sterile. Put it on a clean plate and dry it naturally.
2. Pour cold boiled water into the jar, add salt and stir well, and add ginger slices and stir slightly.
3. Carefully lay duck eggs one by one to ensure that the egg shell does not break and is completely submerged in salt water; Then add Baijiu.
4. Take it out after 15 days and cook it for 20 minutes. If you see that the egg yolk is "oily", it is time to adjust the soaking time according to your taste.
matters needing attention:
1. It must be soaked in high Baijiu, which can turn duck eggs into red hearts;
2. The sealing bag should be thick and tightly sealed to avoid air leakage. In case of any accident, you can also tie a circle of thin sewing thread at the sealing place;
3. If you don't like salty duck eggs, you can cook them in about 15 days.
Selection method
1. Listen, two duck eggs are put together and bump. The crisp one is good duck eggs, the hoarse one, the stuffy one is bad duck eggs, or the cracked one.
2. Shake is to shake the egg gently. The salted duck egg with good quality should have a slight vibration feeling. If it feels wrong and has a strange sound, it means that the duck egg has gone bad.
3. Peel, if conditions permit, the salted duck eggs are boiled and peeled off. The high-quality salted duck eggs have clear white yolk, white and condensed protein, moderate salty taste, and rich oil taste. When you pick them with chopsticks, butter will emerge. The yolk is fine and sandy, and is divided into layers, from shallow to deep, and the deeper the egg is, the redder the egg is, and there is no hard heart in the middle, and the taste is delicious; The salted duck egg protein with poor quality is rotten, greasy and salty. It is recommended not to eat it.