Bioorganic fertilizer (apple specific)

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Bioorganic fertilizer (apple specific)

Outstanding professional advantages: the company has gathered high-quality management team, technological talents and R&D management talents in the industry. Among them, the average experience of production, technology and sales personnel is more than 15 years, which can quickly provide professional one-stop integrated solutions for the majority of customized home enterprises and office furniture enterprises.

Process technology: The project adopts a fully automatic flexible production line, with a high degree of production intelligence, advanced production technology, high product quality standards, and production efficiency superior to traditional equipment. It can produce and supply synchronous textured products and high-gloss products in large quantities.

The market prospect is broad: with the rapid increase of people's income and the acceleration of urbanization, the furniture is updated while the housing is upgraded, and the demand of China's furniture market increases at a rate of 20% - 30% every year. The number of new furniture added by newly established families each year is more than 6 million, and the corresponding demand for furniture production panels is strong.


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